Our Work with Schools

Our Work with Schools

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The Hyperactive Children’s Support Group highest award for excellence in school meals is open to all schools and caterers .

2017 is the 40th anniversary of the Hyperactive Children’s Support Group 40 Years helping families and raising awareness about the importance of a healthy diet which avoids additives.

The HACSG’s highest award for excellence in school meals can help those schools and caterers to avoid those food additives which have been found to trigger problematic behaviour and poor concentration in some children.

For the award, the HACSG conducts an annual audit of all product ingredients and the cost depends on the size of the school or catering company.

For further information please contact Sally Bunday hacsg@hacsg.org.uk

Hyperactive children and young people are often disruptive in the classroom, and their lack of concentration (sometimes combined with dyslexia, for example) can have serious impact on learning.

Clearly there are a number of contributory factors to problematic behaviour in school - these can include emotional and social problems - but basic food intolerances, nutritional imbalances and other health problems can also be influential factors in student behaviour.

A number of schools have, over the past few years, made changes to their tuck shops which have resulted in improved student behaviour and performance. Teachers who had previously reported disruptive behaviour following break and lunch times, noticed significant improvement once additive-laden snacks and drinks were no longer available. Research in the UK and elsewhere supports these findings.

"I congratulate the HACSG on the excellent work they have done in preparing this Schools Information Brochure on ADHD/Hyperactivity. As a researcher in the field whose main interest lies in evaluating the relationship between chemical factors and child hyperactivity, I am convinced this brochure provides an essential guide for both parents and teachers."

Professor Neil Ward, BSc, MSc Hons, Phd. Senior Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry.

HACSG Schools Information PackThe HACSG has produced an information pack for teachers, parents and students concerning hyperactivity in the classroom. It offers insights into ADHD and practical tips on how teachers can help. You’ll also find information on which additives and foods to avoid (such as drinks containing caffeine, flavourings etc) and suggestions for healthy school meals.

The School Information Pack includes an A4 colour brochure, three copies of an A5 leaflet and six informative bookmarks and is available from Our Publications page.


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The HACSG Food & Behaviour Diary is now available on line. Click below for your free PDF version.

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