Success Stories

Success Stories

The letter from the mother of a hyperactive child reproduced below is just one of many heart-felt, and at times, harrowing contributions in our book, "The Proof of the Pudding" published to mark the 30th anniversary of the HACSG in 2007.

In it, parents of ADHD/Hyperactive children describe their lives with a hyperactive child and the results that have followed - sometimes almost immediately - following the diet recommended by the group. "Anecdotal" evidence shows that in many cases, the nutritional approach to hyperactivity can and does work, in many cases quite dramatically.

Introduction by Sally Bunday,MBE, Founder & Secretary of the HACSG with a Preface by Professor Neil Ward,BSc., MSc(HONS), PhD. Senior Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry, University of Surrey.

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Dear Sally Bunday,

I feel compelled to write to you, as with your help I have now got an adorable 4 year old boy whom I now love very much. This was not the case just six months ago...He has gone from being an aggressive, spiteful child with more tantrums in a day than I care to remember, to a very loving, affectionate, bright and intelligent little boy - all because of his diet.

Following the advice given in the booklet, we have eliminated the 'culprits' from his diet - mainly 'colours', chocolate, orange and many preservatives. We have occasional 'blips' as we call them, but these are usually caused by M. having foodstuffs that he shouldn't have, through no fault of his own. He now knows what he can and can't have and willingly goes without.

If only I had asked for your help earlier on, I would have avoided the hate and the unrest in the family. I had to have a course of antidepressants and finally gave up my job as a midwife. Life suddenly looks very rosy.

I hope you continue your good work. If only people would recognise that this is a major problem and that hyperactive children can really be helped.

Many thanks, Mrs A.G. Reading, Berks.


When Daniel was first born, I knew there was something different about him. He was so advanced as a baby. He didn’t crawl, he just got up and walked at 9 ½ months, then he became a mini tornado, destroying anything in his path. I started to avoid visiting relatives and friends and became quite isolated.  I started to see a connection between certain foods and Daniel’s behaviour, but when I asked doctors, they dismissed the connection.

Two years passed by when Daniel was admitted to hospital with stomach pains and doctors noticed he was very hyperactive, but still dismissed his diet. On release from hospital, I went to the library and found the book by Sally Bunday and Co. called ‘The Hyperactive Child’. I was amazed by what I was reading and immediately changed Daniel’s diet. His behaviour improved 50%. He could concentrate for longer and became much calmer. Daniel was diagnosed with ADHD while in hospital. I believe through changing Daniel’s diet and finding the Hyperactive Children’s Support Group, it changed my son’s life. I didn’t medicate my son. The diet and advice from Sally did that for him.

Sally and her mother’s work over the last 35 years does not get enough recognition and I wrote to Buckingham Palace to recognise the wonderful ladies who have spent most of their lives helping our children.Thank you Sally and your late mother, Irene Colquhoun for changing my son’s life forever.


Our son Mike has always been a difficult child. A poor sleeper, irritable, ‘crier’, generally uncooperative. As he got older he became aggressive and angry. We heard about your diet scheme  and decided to try it. We felt we had nothing to lose!

The results have been dramatic. The first 3 weeks we saw many withdrawal symptoms. More anger, more tantrums and incredible tiredness. Matthew slept for 14 hours a night having never had an uninterrupted night in four years.

We now manage the diet fairly easily with occasional ‘blips’ at Christmas and birthday parties. Mike is calmer, happy, less aggressive and more loving. He is coping with school nursery and we are positive about his entry into school.


We have just started the Feingold Diet with my 14 year old son plus all the vitamins and oils. After one week we have a ‘new’ boy – my husband said today that he can talk to him for the first time in two years. He was so aggressive at home and disruptive at school; it was one crisis after another and no family life. We ended up in family therapy where the psychiatrist diagnosed ADHD and wanted to try medication. Thank God for the Feingold Diet and help like you.


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