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Artificial sweetener makes you eat more

7th August 2016

Researchers in Australia have found that the artificial sweeteners trick the brain in to thinking it is getting a sugary, high-calorie treat say the scientists.

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Nutitional Supplement Helps Improve Behaviour of Unruly School Children

18th March 2016

The behaviour of disruptive children in an East London school has been dramatically improved after they were given nutritional supplements for three months, an Oxford University research project has found.

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Ritalin use Soars as Prescriptions reach almost 1 Million a Year

3rd November 2015

Tony Lloyd, Chief Executive of the ADHD Foundation said, children were being let down by being prescribed the drugs for ADHD too readily (the HACSG would support this view).

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Video Games Make Children Dislike School

3rd November 2015

Oxford University Researchers have found that children who spend their evenings engrossed in video games are likely to do less well at school.

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Study Suggets Fluoridation ADHD Link

3rd November 2015

Researchers Professor Christine Till and Ashley Malin BSc(HONS), MA at York University, Toronto, Canada have been comparing water fluoridation and ADHD rates since 1992.

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