Study Suggets Fluoridation ADHD Link

3rd November 2015

Researchers Professor Christine Till and Ashley Malin BSc(HONS), MA at York University, Toronto, Canada have been comparing water fluoridation and ADHD rates since 1992.

The USA States with higher fluoridation also have higher ADHD numbers. By 2011 every 15% increase in Fluoride was being matched by an additional 131,000 ADHD diagnoses. Further research is called for.

90% of Fluoride added to water is not pharmacutical grade Sodium Fluoride, instead Fluorosilicic Acid is used which is a waste product of the phosphate fertiliser industry. Studies suggest fluorosilicic acid can leach lead from water pipes.
Reference (16978) Malin, AJ & Till c. Environmental Health 2015; 14:17

From Green Health Watch Magazine 2015; 13:1 september

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